• Data Loaders

    You no longer need to use oracles with your quantum algorithm. Load your enterprise dataset in an efficient way using a few qubits and a few operations. You provide the dataset and we'll give you the quantum circuits that prepare the appropriate quantum states.

    Learn how to use it - read the docs

    Interested in how we do it? - read the paper

  • Linear Algebra (coming soon)

    If you're building an algorithm with distance calculations or matrix multiplications, Forge can provide you with NISQ versions of circuits that do exactly that.

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Custom Circuits

  • Import Your Circuits

    If you are already working in another language, you can easily import and translate your existing quantum circuits into Forge. We support translation from Qiskit and Cirq.

  • Composition

    We make it easy to build complex circuits and cut and paste parts of circuits onto your compositions.

    Learn how to use it - read the docs

  • Simulation

    We can help you simulate large circuits very fast. We set up all the complex interdependencies so you can simulate your circuit on a GPU with a simple API call.

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