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Machine Learning

Linear Algebra

Chemistry Simulation

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on Quantum Computers

Unique and efficient turn-key algorithms for Data Scientists.
Powerful circuit building blocks for Quantum Engineers.

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For Data Scientists

Turn-key algorithm implementations for data scientists, financial analysts, and engineers.

Explore problems in binary optimization, machine learning, linear algebra, and monte carlo sampling on simulators and real quantum hardware. No prior experience with quantum computing required.

For Quantum Engineers

Use our circuit building blocks to create your own algorithms.

Use NISQ data loader circuits to load classical data into quantum states to use with your algorithms. Use circuit building blocks for linear algebra with distance estimation and matrix multiplication circuits.

Unique algorithms for the best possible performance

Binary Optimization

Get a significant performance boost from quantum hardware and use the latest improvements for gate-based approaches.

Machine Learning

Try out quantum data loaders and algorithms with guaranteed speed-ups on clustering, classification, and regression.

Linear Algebra

Execute linear algebra functions like matrix multiplication and distance estimation with quantum computers.

Monte Carlo Simulation

Determine price for options and other assets and portfolios, complete VaR and CVaR calculations, and analyze insurance risk.

Chemistry Simulation (coming soon)

Find ground and excited states for photoactive molecules. Calculate gradients and couplings of large molecules.

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